Report June Grass

Thank you for helping us gather data by reporting June Grass!

Have you seen June Grass in the Florida Panhandle?


If you are still unsure then please email us some photos (scroll down for contact information).

You may report June Grass below in the comment box using the following format:

Location: (GPS or nearest street address to beach access, you can get the GPS coordinates from Google Maps)

Time: Time of day that you first observed the June Grass

Description: How much June Grass is there (we are working on a way to measure it)?  Any additional description you want to include such as water conditions, wind direction, tide, weather, other organisms like jellies, etc. Please tell us if you also posted this sighting on The June Grass Report, so that we can avoid duplicate data.

Here is an example:
Location: THPSP, 30.358772, -86.279837
Time: 8:00am
Description: Tons of JG, starting to rot and smell, low tide, SW wind, lots of jellies, also posted on JGR

Here is a template for you to copy & paste into the comment box:


If you are sending photos, especially from the DIY Soda Bottle Sampler, please include the information requested above and email them to us at: junegrasswg AT G mail DOT com.

Thanks again!

Contributors to this project agree that the June Grass Working Group can freely use submitted data and photographs. Contributors may opt to have photo attribution. Contributors agree to abide by all applicable beach rules and regulations. Contributors agree that their participation in this project is entirely voluntary and agree that the June Grass Working Group, and all associated entities, are not responsible for any liability, loss, damage, or personal injury associated with participating in this project.

1 thought on “Report June Grass”

  1. Location: Miramar Beach, FL
    Time: 6:35 am
    Description: June grass present for at least three days and seems to be getting thicker in the water. Despite rough surf it remains constant. No jelly’s yet … but lots of
    Minnows and smaller fish swimming within the bloom. Not on shoreline to the degree it’s an issue yet.


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