Get Involved

Would you like to assist June Grass researchers? There are several ways to help!

1. You can report June Grass locations here or carry on making reports on the June Grass Report, they are giving us all their data.

2. You can join iNaturalist, download the free app, join the June Grass Reports Group, and add your June Grass observations there.

3. You can make your own June Grass Soda Bottle Sampler to help us develop a way to measure June Grass prevalence.

4. You can collect samples of June Grass for identification.

Identification Sample Guidelines:

  • Collect June Grass samples in a small amount of seawater in a clean rigid plastic container with a wide mouth and a lid. Yogurt, cottage cheese, sour cream, and similar (clean) containers are ideal. If using a container without a screw top please put the whole container in a plastic bag to contain spills or use something like clingwrap or press-n-seal on the lid. A clean plastic drink bottle will work in a pinch.
  • Only collect samples from in the water, not June Grass that has washed up on the beach.
  • Keep samples cold, but not frozen! The ideal temperature is 33-40F, so a hotel or condo fridge is best but a cooler will do if you can get us the sample soon.
  • Samples are most useful with GPS coordinates (use your phone)or at least the closest street address to the collection location.
  • Good high-quality photographs would be appreciated. Please include your preferred photo attribution.

We can arrange pick up/delivery based on location. Sample collection can be coordinated with Laura Tiu by contacting her:
Office: 850-683-8434 (Okaloosa)
Office: 850-892-8172 (Walton)
Cell: 850-612-6197

Samples can be submitted at:
South Walton extension office: 70 Logan Lane, Grayton Beach (adjacent to Frank’s Cash and Carry, Wednesdays only)
Walton County extension office: 732 N 9th St, Defuniak Springs, FL 32433
Okaloosa County extension office: 3098 Airport Rd, Crestview, FL 32539

5. At this point we are recruiting a limited number of citizen scientists to assist us with more quantitative sampling. Please contact us for more information.

Contributors to this project agree that the June Grass Working Group can freely use submitted data and photographs. Contributors may opt to have photo attribution. Contributors agree to abide by all applicable beach rules and regulations. Contributors agree that their participation in this project is entirely voluntary and agree that the June Grass Working Group, and all associated entities, are not responsible for any liability, loss, damage, or personal injury associated with participating in this project.